Flat Roof Repair Kit

The SRS flat roof repair kit is designed to provide an immediate and easy to apply waterproofing solution for damaged or punctured flat roof membranes.

The kit sufficient for 3-4 sqm coverage contains 6 Kg of Desmopol a one component polyurethane, cold applied, moisture curing liquid, which provides a continuous elastic, fully adhered and waterproof membrane. The polyurethane is used in conjunction with a fibreglass reinforcement fabric. A fast curing polyurethane mastic used for filling and plugging of holes or splits, application rollers, gloves, a stirrer, and instructions.

Application Method

  1. Fill any splits or holes with the fast curing Pu mastic and smooth level with the surface, allow mastic to tack/cure (10-20 minutes).
  2. Cut the fibreglass matting to the required size allowing 50mm beyond the edge of the area being repaired, any overlaps in the matting should also be 50mm.
  3. Open the Desmopol and thoroughly stir if bubbles are present allow to settle for a few minutes before use.
  4. Apply a generous base coat of Desmopol to the surface.
  5. Embed the fibreglass fabric into the base coat then without adding further product to the roller, dry roll over the matting and consolidate it with the coating.
  6. Immediately follow with a second coat of Desmopol on a “wet on wet” basis ensuring that the mat is fully saturated and there are no pin hole’s present.
Flat Roof Repair Kit

Product Guide

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Flat roof repair kit