Flat Roof Systems

    For any type of flat roofing project

Flat Roof Systems

SRS Providing the best products to suit your projects at the best trade prices.

Ultra Flex

Available online

Ultra Flex is a fully reinforced

Polyurethane liquid membrane.

Easy to apply with a wet on wet application.


Resin Acrylic

The flexible one coat roofing product for the immediate repair & refurbishment of existing roofs.


GRP (fibreglass)
Roofing System

1st Quality roofing resins, top-coats & associated products all to create the perfect GRP roof.


All year
liquid rubber roofing

A polyurethane highly elastomeric, totally durable & continuous waterproofing membrane.


Roofing System

Curethane the choice of the professional for a cost-effective roofing system that is ideal for a wide range of applications on household or commercial roofs of any size.

Repair Kit

Available online

The SRS flat roof repair kit is designed to provide an immediate and easy to apply waterproofing solution for damaged or punctured flat roof membranes.


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